May 19, 2009

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary Time

Well, there's no parsley, but there are sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, oregano, and tarragon.

The end of school and the beginning of summer bring the long-awaited opportunity to do some herb gardening, albeit indoors. Good thing an entire wall of our living room is windows!

Even better, I'll have time to use them! There is absolutely nothing like cooking with fresh herbs. I imagine heaven smells something like fresh basil.


jmc said...

i'm so jealous of your fresh herbs!! if i grow them indoors, can i start them now? i'll be bugging you with lots of herb growing questions soon..hopefully! i love the collage!

efm said...

Thank you! And yes! You should be able to find herbs at a hardware store or nursery - or even grocery store. I got mine at Home Depot and Trader Joe's, but I was also in Whole Foods a couple days ago and they had a great selection! You just have to re-pot them and give them plenty of sunshine!

Caroline said...

You calling your rose bush "her" reminds me, we got a new fan and new lights in the kitchen! WOO! They look really good and are so much why does "her" remind me of that? Because our fan is a little guy and he looks like a little octopus and i call him squirt. But ever since mom and I saw him in Lowe's we have been calling him "him" without thinking about it...I'll have to show you a picture even though it won't do him justice.

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