February 5, 2011

Happy Nutella Day!

It’s World Nutella Day, and we’re celebrating!!!

Nutella by the spoonful.


Nutella for breakfast spread on homemade “abbracci” cookies. 


Nutella in this recipe from La Cucina Italiana Magazine:  Biscotti Farciti alla Nutella (Nutella Cookie Sandwiches).


These cookies are the perfect combination of salty and sweet and have Nutella both in the dough and sandwiched between the cookies!  Yum!


And the day’s only halfway through!

Check out all my posts on Nutella or my personal favorite, an in-depth comparison of Italian and American Nutella!

Want more Nutella Day fun?  See the World Nutella Day website and the sites of Nutella Day co-hosts, Sara Rosso (Ms Adventures in Italy) and Michelle Fabio (Bleeding Espresso).



Rae said...

It is nothing short of a tragedy that there is a Nutella day and I missed it! Your cookies look absolutely amazing.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you! Don't worry too much about missing Nutella Day. You can always declare another one. :)

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