May 27, 2010

Washington’s Green Grocer


Thursday we got our first delivery from Washington’s Green Grocer – a family-owned business that delivers fresh, local (as much as possible) produce to your doorstep!

You can read about them here

We were originally interested in a CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture, which you can read about here).  WGG is not a CSA program  in the truest sense, but we were enticed by the availability and the flexibility.  Most of our local CSAs are “sold out” for the year, and WGG doesn’t require a full season membership.  You can get it once or every week.   There are several options for delivery frequency, you can cancel any week, and you can replace items you don’t want with something else.  Plus, they deliver to your door!

We signed up for the “small organic box,” which this week included an assortment of 14 pounds of produce:

IMG_1972red leaf lettuce
portabella mushrooms
spring garlic
sugar snap peas
sweet potatoes
grape tomatoes
navel oranges


So far we’ve used the sweet potatoes and cucumbers, and they were delicious!  We will definitely still be supporting our neighborhood farmers’ market, but this will be a nice change of pace.  I really like the idea of having someone else choose our fruits and vegetables because it will force us to have a little more variety in our diets and explore new things.  We’ll see how it goes!

IMG_1980IMG_1982 IMG_1985

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