July 8, 2009

June in Pictures

We've gotten seriously behind this past month, so here's a brief look at what we did during the month of June:

I attempted homemade gelato--several batches. Pictured below is my first attempt, cantaloupe, which was my least successful. The best batch so far has been chocolate mint, which was super smooth and dense and creamy and the one attempt in which I didn’t precisely follow the recipe. More experimenting and a final verdict to come…

We had pizza:

IMG_4706 IMG_4711IMG_4724 IMG_4726IMG_4730 IMG_4731
…several times.
Brian had to stand guard over the smoke detector each time because the cornmeal from the pizza peel got all over the oven and burned. We've since self-cleaned the oven (it does wonders) and figured out a much better way to get the dough off the peel and onto the stone!


Dan's Party said...

That pizza looks absolutely delicious.

efm said...

Thanks! It was. :)

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